Max Mosley has revealed that he is 'pretty much' certain of the identity of the person who set him up in the well-documented News of the World sex sting just under a year ago - even if the public may not find out who it was for 'two or three years'.

After being exposed on the front page of the Sunday tabloid under the sensationalist headline 'F1 boss in sick Nazi orgy with 5 hookers', Mosley vowed to uncover who had been responsible for almost destroying not just his own credibility, but even that of Formula 1 in general.

Now, the FIA President has confirmed that not only does the culprit come from within the sport - but that he is fairly sure he knows who they are, and that their intention had been firmly to 'get rid of him'.

"We pretty much know who it was now," the 68-year-old told British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. "It wasn't done for fun - it was to get rid of me. I think the theory was that if that came out, I was going to resign.

"That is what the News of the World thought as well. They thought I would just go away and that was it, but I am not going to do anything or say anything until I am absolutely certain. That is going to take a little bit more time.

"It might take two or three years for various reasons; I don't care how long it takes. All sorts of other things are going to come out - there is an awful lot going on, on the continent.

"We have got criminal proceedings against 17 individuals in Germany, we've got defamation actions in Germany, France and Italy - and in Italy the defamation actions are an adjunct to criminal proceedings, which of course are in the hands of prosecuting authorities.

"It has become very much one of those things that takes a while - but we will get there."



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