The organisation set up with the sole aim of generating greater overtaking in Formula 1 faces being disbanded should it fail to produce the desired effect in 2009, FIA President Max Mosley has warned.

The Overtaking Working Group (OWG) - led by some of the top flight's leading technical gurus in the form of Paddy Lowe (McLaren), Pat Symonds (Renault) and Rory Byrne (Ferrari) - was tasked by the governing body with coming up with measures that will increase the number of passing manoeuvres during grands prix in order to maintain fans' interest, after Mosley's own suggestion of a 'split rear wing' was voted down by the teams that compose the sport's technical working group.

The OWG's work was the basis for the dramatic upheaval in bodywork regulations for the season ahead - and the much-criticised new look of the 2009 cars was the result.

However, FIA technical consultant Tony Purnell has revealed that he is not convinced the changes have achieved the demanded downforce reduction of 50 per cent - a situation that would clearly not sit easily with Mosley.

"If the desired effect does not occur," the 68-year-old told German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, "then that will be the end of the expert group."



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