One of the biggest questions that went largely unanswered during USF1's 'launch' was the identity of who would be driving the team's cars once they were ready to hit the track.

Of course, with co-principal Peter Windsor admitting that there was little chance of the team's first contender rolling out until early 2010, there is a long way to go before drivers would either be required or signed, but that has not stopped the media speculating about who would best fit in with partner Ken Anderson's vision of an all-American line-up.

Names such as IRL pin-up Danica Patrick, NASCAR convert AJ Allmendinger and rising star Jonathan Summerton have all received column inches since the USF1 project broke public cover in the past month, but Windsor - who has seen some of the greats of F1 pass through his charge during time spent with the likes of Williams and Ferrari - admitted that no decisions had been taken, although he and Anderson would look forward to evaluating potential candidates.

"These will be the fun things," he said of slotting the biggest pieces of the programme together, "We've been going through the growth pains for two, three years, [but] drivers, sponsors, engines... they are all the fun bits of a race team.

"They are not easy, but when we realised that the technology was here and, with the help of the new FIA regulations - that were made for new teams to come into the sport - we could do a team here in the United States [with] a car made in America, the logical thing from a marketing perspective was to see if we [could] have two American drivers. And that is indeed what we intend to do.

"A lot of people will throw their hands up and say 'how can you do that?' [and], of course, we don't have any American drivers in Formula One right now so, by definition, the two people we have in the car in 2010 will be relatively inexperienced. But, at the same time, we are going to stick to that. We are a young team, [and there's] nothing wrong with having young drivers growing at the same pace."

Pressed on possible contenders for the role, Windsor remained coy.

"The answer is that we haven't made any decision on drivers yet," he insisted, "Your guess is as good as mine, because there is a list out there of American drivers with the right credentials to race in Formula One. They've proven they have the talent already, [so] it's a question of finding the two most compatible drivers with what we are setting out to achieve in year one - and year two, probably - and grow with us. That's all a great discussion point.

"If one had to take names now, the next generation looks really good. You've got Alex Rossi, who obviously won a lot of races in Formula BMW. You've got Conor Daly and Josef Newgarden, really talented young guys. Gabby Chavez is also very good....

"And, if you take a level slightly higher than that, you have Jonathan Summerton, who has won at international level already in A1GP, driving for Team USA. He's very talented and he's already raced in Europe. Scott Speed has Formula One experience. We know Scott, he's a very talented guy. He's doing very well in NASCAR right now, [but] it would be interesting to know if he is totally comfortable where he is right now.

"There are NASCAR drivers out there right now who I really think, if they wanted to switch to Formula One, we could groom and help make that change. We were chatting the other night about Kyle Busch, for example. What a great star he would be. Formula One would welcome anything like that. Danica Patrick is another name that has to be considered for what she has achieved and, again, she's raced in Europe and she's done it the hard way."

Co-principal Anderson was equally unable to shed any real light on the identity of the team's engine supplier, despite speculation that a Mercedes deal may be in the offing.

"We will be sending out proposals to all the manufacturers currently in Formula One, to let them know we are here," he revealed, "For every manufacturer in Formula One now, the biggest market is the United States. The only exception to that [is] Renault."



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