The Formula One Teams Association has revealed its roadmap for the future of the sport at a press conference in Geneva, which includes a desire to implement a new scoring system into the sport for the 2009 season.

A global audience survey of Formula One fans indicated that one change the watching public wished to see was a new scoring system, which would give greater reward to a driver for winning a race.

As a result, FOTA has suggested a new system which would see the winner of a race handed twelve points as opposed to the current ten, with the second placed driver picking up nine and third place seven. Points for the remainder of the positions down to eighth-place would be given on a sliding scale from five to one.

However, the team's press conference made no mention of the desire to bring into play the medal system proposed by Bernie Ecclestone, which would see an Olympic-style system brought into the sport with the world champion decided by virtue of which driver had most golds at the end of the season.

Moving further forwards, the teams would also look to bring other bonus points-scoring changes into play for 2010, such as a bonus constructors' championship point for the quickest pit-stop during a race.

Had the system been in place during the 2008 season, then the world title would have gone the way of Felipe Massa, as both he and Lewis Hamilton would have ended the season with 113 points. However the Brazilian won one more race than Hamilton over the course of the year so would have taken the crown due to his superior winning record.

Despite the fact his driver wouldn't have clinched the crown had the system been in place, McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh expressed his support for the new ventures put forward by the teams, stating that it was vital for them to work together to secure the long-term of the sport.

"FOTA has already achieved more than any other assembly of Formula One teams in the history of our sport, and those achievements are both a result of and a testament to the strength of FOTA's unity," he said. "On track, Formula One teams remain as competitive as ever; but, off track, in collaboration with the FIA and FOM, motivated by our shared ambition to steer grand prix racing to ever-greater successes, we're now devoting a great deal of time, resource and radical thought to making a concerted effort to enhance the benefits of all Formula One stakeholders - the teams, the manufacturers, the sponsors, the media and above all the fans."

Formula One Drivers standings - 2008 (current system):

1. Lewis HamiltonMcLaren Mercedes98
2. Felipe MassaFerrari97
3. Kimi RaikkonenFerrari75
4. Robert KubicaBMW Sauber75

Formula One Drivers standings - 2008 (proposed system):

1. Felipe MassaFerrari113 +16
2. Lewis HamiltonMcLaren Mercedes113 +15
3. Kimi RaikkonenFerrari86 +11
4. Robert KubicaBMW Sauber83 +8



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