The timeline and key decisions in the history of the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA):

29 July 2008, Maranello

o The F1 teams unanimously agree to establish the Formula One Teams' Association - FOTA - to work with the FIA and FOM on regulations and commercial conditions, to provide a framework for a strong and dynamic sport

11 September 2008, Monza

o Signature of the Articles of Association; FOTA becomes fully operational

o Luca di Montezemolo (Ferrari) and John Howett (Toyota) are elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively; Martin Whitmarsh chairs the Sporting Working Group; Ross Brawn chairs the Technical Working Group; Flavio Briatore chairs the Commercial Development Working Group; all team principals are represented in the Executive Committee

o Decisions are taken with a 70 per cent majority rule

4 October 2008, Shanghai

o The teams agree a first package of measures to be introduced in 2009; it is the first time ever that unanimous agreement is reached among all the Formula 1 teams

o In 2009, a critical year for the difficult economic environment, the teams define a set of measures tailored to addressing immediate concerns

4 November and 4 December 2008, London

o The teams agree to further measures, implementing substantial cost-cutting for 2009 and 2010, and additional initiatives to improve the show

10 December 2008, Monaco

o The proposals are presented to the FIA and agreed with immediate implementation thanks to the unanimity of the teams

8 January and 3 February 2009, London

o The teams further refine their proposals

o A longer-term strategy is agreed to introduce stable regulations, addressing the need to reduce costs and increase revenues

5 March 2009, Geneva

o FOTA's Formula 1 roadmap is unveiled



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