Timo Glock insists that Toyota will be disappointed if it doesn't find itself fighting for victories during the 2009 Formula One season.

The team has enjoyed a solid off-season with the new TF109 despite the mixed weather conditions that had affecting many of the test sessions, including the session in Bahrain which saw one day lost due to sandstorms.

Both Glock and team-mate Jarno Trulli have produced some encouraging times with the new car and the German said the performances had left the team optimistic for the season ahead.

"So far the car seems very promising, but in the end we still don't know exactly where we are compared with the other teams because it's all a bit mixed up if you look at the time sheets," he told the official F1 website. "Definitely we are very optimistic for the season and we have set ourselves pretty high targets.

"My feeling is better this year compared to last year, partly because of the slick tyres but also because the car just feels better. We want to be consistently in the points and finishing on the podium more often - and hopefully on the middle step of the podium! We want to win this year, that's clear, and we will all be disappointed if we're not fighting to win our first Grand Prix."

Glock added that he wasn't sure who would be the main players during the season ahead, with team's trying different things during testing, but became the latest driver to admin that there could be a surprise when the season gets underway in Australia later this month.

"Ferrari and McLaren won the championships last year and they are usually strong but it's difficult to tell exactly who will be the fastest because you really can't be sure in testing," he said. "Maybe there will be a surprise when we get to Australia..."



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