Following a meeting of the FIA's World Motor Sport Council in Paris, a number of new regulations have been approved for the future of Formula 1, from a different method of determining which driver ends up as world champion to the introduction of an optional budget cap for teams in 2010.

The new scoring system will see the points provision remain the same, but at the end of the season the title will go the way of the driver who has the most race victories to his name, rather than the greatest number of points. Under that system, Ferrari's Felipe Massa rather than McLaren-Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton would have claimed the 2008 crown.

On the technical side, FIA President Max Mosley revealed that as of next year onwards, the sport's teams will be able to sign up to a ?30 million budget cap, limiting their spending power but countering that with a range of technical 'freedoms' that will not be available to those competitors who elect to stick with the current rules and carry on spending at will.

The announcements have generated a good deal of debate and controversy within the grand prix paddock, and now it's time for you to have your say...

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