Max Mosley, the president of the FIA, had branded the Formula One Teams Association's response to a proposed F1 budget cap as 'weak', arguing that the proposal had been backed by some members of the grid.

The World Motor Sport Council announced earlier this week that it was looking to bring in a an optional budget cap of ?30 million for the 2010 season, with teams signing up for the proposal receiving greater technical freedom compared to those who elected not to take part.

That came after FOTA issued its road map for the future of the sport, which included proposals to bring down costs, and the teams then issued a statement in response to the FIA's announcement to say it was 'concerned' by the measures that were being suggested.

However, speaking to Britain's Daily Telegraph, Mosley claimed that two of the privateer teams on the grid - Williams and Force India - had been supportive of the plans and that FOTA's response had been a weak one.

"It was a weak response," he said. "They knew we were considering a budget cap, but I don't think they expected us just to do it like that. The complaint was that we didn't consult them. Well, we've been talking a lot to Force India and Williams, both of whom were very supportive. I've not spoken recently to [Red Bull owner Dietrich] Mateschitz but I would have thought it might appeal to him too.

"In any case, we had to do something. All we've had from the teams so far is 'We've done a fantastic job, we've reduced costs by 50 per cent'. So what? It has come down from $300-$400 million to $150-$200 million? Well, that's admirable, but I'm dubious as to whether they will still have $150-$200 million in 2010 and 2011."

Mosley added that he was actually keen to see budgets brought down to a lower figure than the proposed ?30 million and said he believed the teams would come round to the idea of an F1 budget cap.

"I actually think it could be done for ?25million but that's just my opinion," he said. "All my advisers think it should be more. When people calm down a little bit they will see that all of this is brilliant for Formula One. It won't hurt the DNA of the sport - ?30million is still vastly more than any other series.

"The thing is; it's just an option. If I'm wrong it doesn't matter. If I'm right it will be the salvation of Formula One."



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