Two of the teams that faced objections over their treatment of the diffuser rules ahead of the new Formula One season have tried to distance themselves from the row erupting in Melbourne in order to concentrate on preparing for Australian Grand Prix.

The build-up to the Albert Park race was marred when several teams - led by BMW Sauber, Red bull, Ferrari and Renault - launched an official protest against the diffuser designs employed by Williams, Toyota and Brawn GP, only to see their objections thrown out by the stewards.

The officials' reaction led to the protesters issuing an immediate appeal against their decision, meaning that the results of this weekend's race - and most likely next weekend's in Malaysia - will remain provisional pending further discussions over the situation.

Meanwhile, Williams and Toyota - both of which believed that their interpretations had been cleared by the sport's governing body during pre-season testing - issued brief statements in an effort to allow them to focus on the action on track rather than in the stewards room.

"The stewards of the meeting for the Australian Grand Prix have rejected a protest lodged by Renault, Ferrari and Red Bull and confirmed that the Williams-Toyota FW31 is technically compliant with the appropriate 2009 Formula One
technical regulations," Williams' technical director Sam Michael said, "We are pleased with the stewards' decision
and we have no further comment to make."

It was a similar story from the Toyota camp, the team happy to have received at least temporary respite from the furore.

"Toyota Motorsport has studied the wording of the new 2009 regulations in precise detail to ensure that we have interpreted them correctly," chairman Tadashi Yamashina said, "We are pleased with the decision of the race stewards, but we prefer not to comment further on the situation. This weekend promises to be a tremendously exciting Australian Grand
Prix so we are now looking forward to starting the competition on track with the first practice sessions on Friday."

Brawn GP did not issue any further comment on the situation.



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