Jenson Button has admitted that his Brawn GP team needs to rediscover its winning ways - and quickly - if it is to fend off the renewed challenge for Formula One championship honours being mounted by Red Bull Racing, but insists that his ambitions won't come at the expense of his team-mate.

The Briton may have won six of the opening seven races, but has not triumphed since Turkey in June and, with the Red Bull pairing of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber posting consistent results spiked by victories for both, does not consider his points advantage great enough to relax just yet.

After the German Grand Prix, which Webber won to open his F1 victory account, Button has 21 points in hand over Vettel - and 22.5 over Webber - as he heads to this weekend's Hungarian round, but insists that, despite the cushion allowing him at least one non-score, he needs the Brawn team to get back on top of its upstart rival.

"It is a sensational feeling to be the leader of the world championship, [but] I am not taking this for granted and it will not be easy from here on in, as Red Bull Racing are very competitive," he told the official F1 website, "I do like the position that I am in - in the lead - but I am also working very hard to make sure that we do not drop too many points to Red Bull. We have to stay fast and get back to winning races, and that is the aim for this weekend.

"We have to beat the Red Bulls again. Since they have beaten us in the last two races, they could destroy us in the championship, [so] I have to fight as hard as I can to get back to the top step of the podium. The next few races will be very important."

Heading to the Hungaroring could hold significance for both Button and the Brawn team. The circuit is the scene of the Briton's first F1 win, taken back in 2006 with the BAR team, and is usually one of the hottest races of the year, conditions in which the BGP001 had had the upper hand over Red Bull's RB5 - at least until the latter was fitted with its most extensive technical update at Silverstone..

"We have to challenge them," Button reiterated, "This is a race where we have some new aerodynamic parts to introduce to the car, [and] the temperature is good for us. It should be enough to bring us back to the level of the Red Bulls.

"It is good to know that there are some warm races coming up, like here and Valencia. We have been struggling with the tyres, to get them in a working range, like in Silverstone and at the Nurburgring, [but] we don't have any excuses here. If the Red Bulls are quicker than us, then they are just quicker than us, [but] I am pretty confident that we can bring the challenge to them."

While Button struggled to fifth place in Germany last time out, Brawn team-mate Rubens Barrichello led initially before fading to sixth - a result that led to a now infamous outburst from the Brazilian, who believed that his race had been compromised by the team. While admitting that, personally, he feels that Brawn should be putting its weight behind him in the fight with Red Bull, Button admits that he does not expect the team to curb his colleague's ambitions.

"That's not how this team works - it is impossible for us to do those kind of things," he insisted, "It was talked about in the press, [but] we're not doing it. It's not going to happen. We don't work that way. In the end, I would say doing something like that is like cheating. It's not fair. Winning the championship, knowing that your team-mate has equal opportunities, is the best way to win. If you win, it feels so much sweeter.

"We get exactly the same equipment, we get the same of everything, and it will be that way all through the season. It's the way this team functions. I saw a press release from Red Bull and I understand that they have the same understanding - up until the moment one of the drivers cannot win the championship anymore. Then they will help the other driver. It's a good way to be - I think that's how F1 should be.

"I have a good lead over Rubens at the moment. He's a challenger for the championship for sure, but he is driving the same car as me so I can control him a little bit. However, I don't know where the two Red Bull guys are and how quick they are going to be...."



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