Peter Windsor, the sporting director of the new USF1 team, has insisted that the team is 100 per cent committed to racing in F1 next season following reports that suggested the team's participation could be at risk.

Auto Motor und Sport reported last week that the team had yet to start crash testing of any of the components it plans to use on its 2010 F1 challenger and quoted Brawn GP boss Ross Brawn as stating that he was surprised that no testing had yet taken place for the Charlotte-based outfit.

The same report suggesting that the team could look to sell its place on the grid for next season without even hitting the track, but Windsor insisted that such reports had no substance and were both 'inaccurate and careless'.

"A much-respected magazine informed its readers that we had not yet crash-tested any components and therefore had 'zero' chance of making the grid in 2010," Windsor told online publication GP Week. "The reality is that we have already (successfully) crash-tested several components and are right on schedule for more tests this month and in December.

"Like all teams, we currently have out heads down and we're getting on with it. We're not spending every working minute telling the world exactly what we are doing. The question is why a magazine like this would be so inaccurate and careless after years of solid service.

"Your guess is as good as mine...and I have several. Anyway, thanks guys for actually taking the trouble to ask us about the situation."

Windsor insisted that the quotes attributed to Brawn would 'read very differently' if taken out of context and said that there was no truth to talk that he had voted against a rule which would prevent team's selling their slots on the 2010 grid.

"So far as I know, there has never been a vote about whether teams can be sold or not," he said. "I've never been present for such a vote at any rate. Again, I have no idea what these guys are talking about.

"As for USF1, I can only repeat what Ken [Anderson] and I have been saying ever since we signed the Concorde Agreement. Our slot is not for sale under any circumstances and we will be racing, and giving it 100 per cent, from Bahrain onwards."



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