Andy Soucek admits it is a 'dream come true' to have the chance to test with the Williams F1 team at Jerez this week.

The 24-year-old Spaniard will take part in the opening day of running as a reward for securing the Formula 2 title this season, with new Williams race driver Nico Hulkenberg then taking over for the final two days of the session.

Soucek will be one of two F2 drivers taking part in the test - with Mirko Bortolotti running with Toro Rosso - and the title winner said he was keen to show what he can do in F1 machinery.

"For me it is like a dream come true, having an F1 team focus on you for an entire day," Soucek said. "Williams really do set the highest standards, and every detail is examined and catered for - I even had three people analysing how my seat position could improve!

"It's a big responsibility driving Williams' car, and as always I'll be going out hoping to be fast and do the best job I can. However I'm not putting myself under too much pressure; I'm confident and relaxed more than anything else, and it will just be great to get experience from the test and get reference points of how Formula One works."

"The test is about an accumulation of factors. You need to be able to create and build a good environment with the team, you have to deliver good and accurate reports on the car, and of course you have to be quick. If you put everything together, then you have a good test. I'm just going to be myself and be natural."


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