Former F1 team boss Giancarlo Minardi has said that Mercedes has secured a 'winning mixture' for the 2010 F1 season after electing to pair Michael Schumacher with Nico Rosberg for 2010.

Schumacher will come out of retirement to partner former Williams driver Rosberg next season as Mercedes takes over the Brawn GP team - with the all-German team looking to defend the titles won by Brawn this year.

Speaking over Christmas, Minardi said that Schumacher's return to F1 would be a huge boost to the sport and had given Mercedes a strong mixture with which to challenge in 2010 - even if it won't be easy to match the success enjoyed by Brawn in 2009.

"Michael will be a great challenger and it will certainly be interesting to see what we will be able to make of a man of 41 years in Formula 1 after three years away from the circuit," he said. "Schumacher has always been a human image, in addition to being a seven-time world champion, and his return will do well for the image of F1. Initially, at least the cameras will all be for him.

"For me Rosberg is one of the most promising young drivers and may give the 'old man' a hard time. The choice made by the German team seems very valid, because they decided to partner a young pilot with one with matchless experience. If we combine this factor with the marketing side of things, then out comes a winning mixture.

"For Mercedes however, it will not be easy to repeat the achievements of the Brawn GP team, even if Ross is a whiz when it comes to interpreting the new regulations. However, his opponents should not rest easy."



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