Nick Fry may remain at Mercedes Grand Prix as CEO, but he is now regarded as just an 'observer'.

Fry resigned from the board on January 26, having been director since 2002 and CEO since 2004. Although he keeps the chief executive job title, he will no longer have a vote during any board meetings.

"I can confirm that Nick Fry remains at the team in the position of chief executive officer," a Mercedes spokesperson said on Tuesday.

However, Mercedes later confirmed to the London Evening Standard that while that is the case, he is now "an observer" and "does not have a vote".

Furthermore while the day-to-day running of the Brackley-based outfit is carried out by a committee, which Fry is on, "certain significant decisions are reserved for the board".

All of the former directors of Brawn Grand Prix, except for Ross Brawn, resigned on the same day as Fry, according to the same report and they were subsequently replaced by representatives from Mercedes and Aabar, which of course along with the German manufacturer took control of the former Honda team at the end of last year.


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