McLaren is unlikely to face objections from its Formula One rivals after the sport's governing body decided that its latest rear wing design fell within the regulations.

Questions ahd been raised about the legality of the design, which benefits from the inclusion of an air inlet on the left-hand side of the MP4-25 which can be opened and closed at will be the driver. According to reports, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton can use their left knee to activate the device, which has the effect of stalling airflow to the rear wing and increasing straight-line performance.

Despite the question marks, however, FIA scrutineers at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix passed the idea as within the regulations, and at least one team owner - having admitted frustration at his designers not having seen the possibilities - admitted that there were probably no grounds for appeal.

"It looks like it's legal, so we will look at developing our own version," Red Bull team boss Christian Horner confirmed to YallaF1, "Engineers are creative people, and I'm sure ours will find another way of doing it."

Direct copies of the McLaren system may not be possible, however, as all 2010 monocoques have been homologated, which prevents significant alterations from being made. McLaren, which is not expecting a furore on the scale of last year's double diffuser debate, also suggests that the intricacies of its system remain shrouded from its rivals.

"From what I understand, there are no grounds for a protest," team boss Martin Whitmarsh claimed in an interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph, "and I don't think everyone yet understands the nature of the systems that are on our car. If they put a protest in, it would potentially be on the wrong set of assumptions."



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