A number of teams are set to be forced into changes to the diffuser fitted to their cars ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne next weekend.

The changes are set to be ordered by the FIA after a number of teams exploited a loophole in the rules linked to the hole in the diffuser used for the starter motor for the car.

While F1 regulations allow for a hole in order for an external starter motor to be used, there is nothing to state the maximum size of the starter probe - which has resulted in teams using larger starter motors to increase the size of the hole and secure more downforce as a result.

The FIA has now moved to close that loophole.

According to SPEED TV and the Spanish newspaper El Pais, McLaren, Renault and Mercedes GP are three teams that will have to modify their cars ahead of scrutineering in Melbourne, with the possibility that other cars could also be investigated.

The issue of diffusers hit the early stages of the 2009 season after the double diffuser appeared on a number of cars - including the Brawn GP machine of eventual champion Jenson Button.

Despite complaints from rival teams, the device was declared legal and Brawn's rivals were forced to make changes to their cars as a result.


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