Mark Webber has said that he will be have 'a chat' with team-mate Sebastian Vettel following their coming together today during the Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park.

Webber, who had taken pole, had led from the off in his RB6 and looked on course to take his third win in a row, despite being unable to pull away from first Lewis Hamilton and then after the pit stops, Vettel.

However, in the final third of the race, Webber and Vettel made contact and that cost Christian Horner's team a likely 1-2.

"Sebastian had a bit of a top speed advantage, he went down the inside and we were side by side. I was surprised when he came right suddenly, as I was holding my racing line. It happened very, very fast and it's a shame for the team," said Webber, who took a consolation third place.

"It's not an ideal day. The McLarens were solid and it was a good race between all four of us up at the front until then, neither of us wanted to make contact with each other. It's obviously not great, but it happened.

"There was a long way to still go in the race, but that was an interesting few metres on the track between both of us. In the end it wasn't the result that either of us wanted.

"We've got great character in our team and two fast drivers at the front - we're not dicing for 15th and 16th - we're going for victories so there's clearly a lot at stake. I'll have a chat with Sebastian about it, we might have a difference of opinion but we'll be adults about it and press on."

Asked the incident in greater detail in the post-race press conference, Webber reiterated that he had no time to react to avoid the sister car as it came right.

"Sebastian got me on the inside and I thought okay, I would just stay in the middle, as straight as I can, to make his line as tight as possible into the next corner. And once we got to the braking point, he was obviously [going to be] in a very strong position.

"But before we got there he came across to the right and I couldn't react fast enough, because I wasn't at all expecting that at that point, and that's why it happened so fast and there was contact.

"Of course in Seb's car, it obviously feels very bad that I've turned left into him, but I'm pretty confident that there was some drift from his way and then it was a f**king disaster."