As the bitter war of words between former team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso intensifies in the wake of Sunday's European Grand Prix, the current F1 2010 World Championship leader has quipped that the Spaniard 'must have been completely in another world' to have been 'overtaken by a Sauber'.

A furious Alonso has not held back in his criticism of Hamilton's actions in illegally overtaking the safety car in Valencia, as well as his vilification of race stewards' tardiness in reaching their decision to punish him for it and what he regarded as the subsequent lenient nature of the drive-through that the McLaren-Mercedes star received for his misdemeanour, meaning that for having dutifully 'respected the rules', the Ferrari ace was in actual fact penalised far more than his rival who didn't, finishing eighth compared to second.

The Oviedo native has even gone so far as to accuse the FIA of having 'manipulated' the result of the race in Hamilton's favour, with Ferrari describing it as a gross 'injustice' and a 'scandal' [see separate story - click here], but the 2008 F1 World Champion has remained staunchly unrepentant and when asked by media this week if Alonso was simply betraying 'sour grapes', he replied in the affirmative.

Hamilton then proceeded to rub salt into the wounds by ridiculing the 22-time grand prix-winner for having conceded a position to unheralded Sauber rookie Kamui Kobayashi on the penultimate lap around the Spanish harbourside circuit.

"I don't understand why I affected his race so much," the 25-year-old confessed, according to Reuters. "Everyone has a right to their opinions and he must just be disappointed with his own result, but I didn't do anything to him.

"I even saw him overtaken by a Sauber on the big screen. He must have been completely in another world. It's very unlike him to be overtaken by a Sauber..."

Having had a number of previous run-ins with race stewards himself, Hamilton went on to praise the governing body for not acting heavy-handedly when it comes to sanctions in 2010, as it has sometimes been accused of doing in the past.

"The FIA are doing an incredible job because they are allowing us to race this year," he affirmed.



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