Ross Brawn has admitted that there is no miracle cure that will see his Mercedes team - or any other - suddenly become racewinners as the entire Formula One field attempts to rein in Red Bull Racing.

Having swept to world championship glory with his eponymous team in 2009, Brawn is seeing the other side of the coin again in 2010 as Mercedes struggles to get the best from its WO1 - and world champion Michael Schumacher - in a year where Red Bull and McLaren are looking to dominate. However, with the Woking outfit surprisingly suffering a poor opening day at Silverstone after its version of RBR's 'blown diffuser' failed to work as expected.

"I think there is an interesting chemistry to this year," Brawn admitted, "With Christian [Horner]'s team, we have got one team which is setting the standard in terms of pace, and we are all trying to catch up. In trying to do that, you take jumps but, sometimes, you fall over and, with no testing, it is very easy to make a slightly wrong move.

"The field is so close - I think Nico [Rosberg], in Valencia, was six-tenths off the fastest time in Q2, but he didn't make it to Q3. You get a few things wrong in trying to put your package together, perhaps don't pay attention to the fundamentals as you are chasing these new features, and you can fall away very quickly.

"I know Christian said this the other day, and I always said it at Ferrari, but there are no silver bullets. There is no one thing [where] you turn a switch and you suddenly find a huge amount of lap time. It is an accumulation of smaller things and, because they are smaller things, they are very often difficult to quantify and know that they are definite improvements.

"It is pretty challenging, this environment of F1, but it is the same for all the teams. It is just a different type of challenge now to perhaps the one we had five or ten years ago, and I think it brings to the fore the need for modelling, simulation, driver-in-loop simulators, those sort of facilities which the top teams are building up to substitute for testing."

Of course, running at the front means that Horner and Red Bull are always looking over their shoulder, but the team boss insists that his rivals cannot simply look to copy elements of the RB6 if they want to match its performance.

"As we all know, if you stand still in this business, you tend to go backwards," he pointed out, "Inevitably, when you are setting the pace, you are there to be shot at, [and] people tend to cherry pick bits and pieces, or highlight bits, of the car that might add performance. But, at the end of the day, as we all know, it is the package that counts.

"The guys have done a great job in evolving that package and the car, compared to where it was in Bahrain at the beginning of the year for example, is considerably different, but we can only focus on our own, getting performance to the car and, hopefully, that will be enough to keep us towards the front. We must never underestimate the likes of McLaren, who have got tremendous heritage, but also Ferrari and, obviously, the other big teams such as Mercedes. It is a very healthy situation for Formula One that there is not one team running away with things at the front of the field.

"As a team, we are working very well. I think we have managed to add performance to the car at every grand prix so far this year and we have got a few little bits here which are helping as well. It is testimony to the effort that is going on in the factory ten miles or so from here that, as a group, the extra mile they are going to get the components to the car, the hours that are going in, are just immense. Our performance is very much a team performance, [and] I cannot speak too highly of the effort that is going in at the moment."



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