Michael Schumacher has hit out at the 'ridiculous' test ban in place in F1 after only managing eleventh on the grid for his home Grand Prix at Hockenheim.

Mercedes had hoped to fight for a place in the top six in qualifying after a solid performance in free practice, but Schumacher and Nico Rosberg were unable to replicate their earlier form when it really matter.

Seven-time title winner Schumacher failed to make it through to Q3 by just 0.008secs and lines up eleventh as a result, with team-mate Nico Rosberg two places ahead in ninth after also struggling in qualifying.

The struggles came as the pair ran a revised version of Mercedes' blown diffuser and a new rear wing, and Schumacher said the team was paying the price somewhat for being unable to test the parts away from a race weekend.

"It is completely ridiculous to do zero testing," he told the BBC. "Some kind of testing should be implemented. I hope there is common sense and we find a solution.

"If you don't have aerodynamic features - like the F-duct or the exhaust blown diffuser - then you want to implement them, so you develop them at home, build them on to the car and test them on the race weekend," explained Schumacher, who was used to unlimited testing in his previous Formula 1 career.

"Naturally, you have very little time and you end up in some compromises. It's a tough way to fight your way through the development, but as a consequence here and there you have some issues.

"I understand why we have ended up where we are right now, but as it was ridiculous to do 90,000 kilometres more during the year of testing it is completely ridiculous to do zero."



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