Dealing with Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy should provide Hungarian Grand Prix polesitter Sebastian Vettel with the experience he needs to tackle a Hungaroring circuit he likens to a 'misbehaving woman'.

The German claimed a seventh pole in twelve races after trouncing his rivals in qualifying, but admitted that he was hoping for a change of fortune at the Budapest circuit now that he had the car under him to run at the front. Vettel has yet to score at the Hungaroring, having had to retire his Red Bull in 2009 following a touch from Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari at the start, but goes into Sunday's race as the clear favourite after the Milton Keynes team dominated the early part of the weekend.

"The circuit is quite a tricky one - it's probably like a woman alongside you who doesn't behave well," he opined, "It's not always easy to get around here, as the bumps are quite harsh and the car is very nervous. It tends to move a lot.

"I think the main thing, if I look back at the races I had here, is to have the confidence. Of course, you need the car, but you need to have the confidence as well, because then you just brake five metres later and you're 5-10kph quicker at the apex and it just works. I think, last year, we [could have] had a good race here, [with] a good car. Mark did the fastest lap and, this year again, we seem to like this track. Traditionally, you need a lot of downforce and I think we've got some, so it's good for us."

Although it has yet to claim a 1-2 finish from any of its five previous front row lock-outs, Vettel is confident that such a result is possible in what will be the 100th grand prix for Red Bull Racing.

"You need to know the track, but you also need to have the car and I think this weekend, so far, has been very good for us," he continued, "The track suits us, suits our car, therefore we are a little bit quicker than the rest. It is a difficult day tomorrow, the main challenge. There are no points on Saturday as usual but, for now, it is the best we could do, so we can be proud of ourselves and can sleep well tonight."

Vettel's pole haul includes top spot in qualifying for each of the last two races, in Britain and Germany, but his determination to cut off his front row partner in both saw him throw away potential victory. This time, he insists that he will be coming out ahead.

"Ideally, I'll just go straight," he smiled, referring to the swerves that cost time at Hockenheim and a puncture at Silverstone, "You can make up all scenarios but, in the end, it comes differently.

"I think we found the problem from last weekend, where we had a bad start, and therefore I had to decide which side to go to. I am confident I will have a normal start here - and a normal start for us has meant that we were at least able to defend the position. Usually, in Hungary, it is quite important to be on the clean side - I was second last year, Fernando [Alonso] was on pole and I think if I had been on the clean side it would have been a different race. But that's Hungary. It is very difficult to pass here so, for sure, the start is important as well as turn one."

Asked why he had such a large margin over everyone in qualifying, Vettel insisted that Red Bull had not done anything different for Hungary.

"I don't think there is any secret - if you look at yesterday, I think we were in good shape," he noted, "We didn't know how good, but we knew that we definitely can put the cars in the first row. If you look one week back, all the cars haven't changed a lot - I think we were probably racing on a track [at Hockenheim] that suited the Ferrari car quite well so, over a period of two weeks, they did a massive step. Everyone was wondering how and why.

"Somehow, this week, it seems that the track suits us very, very well this year. Maybe now you have the same people wondering what has happened to us. I can assure you there is no secret. We have been working hard since Hockenheim, trying to clean up the table and approach the weekend on top of our game. I think we were and, in the end, it converted to a very, very smooth Friday and a good Saturday."



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