Having officially re-opened for business for the first time in almost a year with the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club Revival Meeting last weekend, Donington Park's rebirth is now set to be completed as owner Donington Park Racing Ltd (DPR) prepares to take back the lease and re-assume control of the beleaguered Leicestershire circuit.

Having at one stage faced possible extinction from the world of motorsport altogether in the wake of Simon Gillett's ruinously expensive and ultimately failed bid to redevelop the track and its facilities sufficiently to be able to host the British Grand Prix from this year onwards, Donington has happily been saved.

The Worcestershire-based Adroit Group successfully handled the circuit's re-opening by seeing it through crucial safety inspections, but will now hand back the reins for future development to DPR, founded by the late Tom Wheatcroft in 1953 to manage and promote the track's activities through different lease-holders.

"I am delighted the option has been taken up for Donington Park Racing to once again operate the circuit," affirmed Kevin Wheatcroft, chairman of DPR and owner of the Donington Park Estate. "Racing at Donington is back, and we can now assure an exciting future for the circuit and the venue.

"I would like to personally thank the Adroit Group for their tireless efforts in helping to re-open Donington. We are delighted with the first stage of improvements."

"It's a momentous time for all forms of motorsport to see Donington return to the calendar," agreed Robert Bryant, chairman of the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club that organised last weekend's event, the first of a full programme set to be held in the coming weeks and months beginning with the Masters Classic Festival from 3-5 September. "It has been sorely missed."



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