BBC F1 anchorman Jake Humphrey is to become the latest member of the press to take up the challenge of becoming co-driver to fellow media man Tony Jardine.

Humphrey will make his rallying debut on the Cambrian Rally this weekend, with his experience being filmed for a feature to be broadcast at some point before the end of the current F1 season.

The feature will be used to highlight the MSA's Go Motorsport campaign, which aims to help people get involved in motorsport at a range of levels.

"People often look at Formula 1 drivers and think 'I couldn't do that, so there's no way I can get into motor sport', but there are loads of different ways," Humphrey said. "Co-driving is one of them. If, like me, you've had a go at racing and you realise your forte isn't necessarily behind the wheel, who knows, perhaps your skill is in the passenger seat next to the driver.

"There are loads of rallies happening around the country and if you want to dedicate a bit of time to it and learn about it, there is every chance you could find yourself involved with something quite exciting."

Humphrey will face an additional challenge as the event comes just a day after he finishes work at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and before he heads to Korean for the next event on the F1 schedule.

"Obviously the problem with the Formula 1 and working with the Commonwealth Games is that I haven't had the chance to really get my head around this, so I'll be cramming the night before in the hotel before we head out to the first stage," he said. "I have absolutely no co-driving experience.

"When Tony gave me the book with all the pace notes in I hadn't seen any of them before. But I have been learning, I know what 'triple caution' is, so I'm going to say that one extra loud. I'm just hoping that I won't see too many 'triple cautions' because that will start to concern me, particularly if I miss them!"

Humphrey and Jardine will share a Ford Fiesta prepared by the ProSpeed team.



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