Nick Craw, the president of the FIA senate, has given his support to the new US Grand Prix venue in Austin, Texas after paying a visit to the area.

Craw met with local council chiefs during his visit to Austin and said afterwards that he felt that organisers had 'set the bar high' with their plans.

"It will be great," Craw said of the proposed Austin track. "This has some of the most interesting, exciting and different features, drawn from other successful venues around the world. It is a very strong team they've assembled here," Craw continued, "I think it's a very good plan and a very solid business model. They've set the bar pretty high."

Promoter Tavo Hellmund welcomed Craw's support and said the idea behind the proposed circuit was to create a venue that was about more than just the race track itself.

"We were pleased to have Mr. Craw and Tim Mayer, alternate FIA delegate, visit the facility site and meet the incredible team assembled to build and operate what we believe will be one of the premiere racetracks on the circuit and a world-class venue," he said. "Our team is committed to building more than a racetrack, we are thinking far beyond the expected and are developing an environment that will provide an entertainment experience for both participants and spectators alike."



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