Hispania Racing's Bruno Senna led the tributes to his late uncle Ayrton Senna yesterday in the countdown to this Sunday's F1 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix, the penultimate round in the championship, and he has said the new film about the three-time F1 world champion, is 'very special'.

Ayrton perished at the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola back in 1994, yet he remains regarded as one of - if not the - best driver in the history of the sport. Now to celebrate his life a new film has been produced, simply called "Senna". It will be officially released this month, before an English version comes out in 2011.

Speaking after watching a special preview screening on Wednesday, Bruno gave the film the thumbs-up: "I watched it for the first time last night; the movie's awesome," he said. "It reminded me of so many things that just got dulled by time. It's very special for me, I think for anyone who's a racing driver it's going to be quite special, whoever was a fan of Ayrton.

"For people who didn't know Ayrton, they will have a pretty good image of what Ayrton was all about. It's not a movie about racing itself but it's a movie about the life of Ayrton, the implications of what he did in his life.

"It feels very special and definitely brought back many memories, good memories and some sad memories as well, of course."

Fellow countryman Lucas di Grassi was also impressed: "I have very few memories of Ayrton when he was actually racing, because I was so young. I was not even into karting yet. But I remember perfectly what I was doing the day he died," continued the Virgin man.

"I had a radio-controlled airplane, something that Ayrton liked to do as well, and I was playing with it and my father rang. He was racing go-karts and I was starting to race go-karts and I wasn't even watching the race. I was playing in the field, and he said: 'Come back home, there is something going on'.

"I came back home and then I saw everything and I saw the implications that that day had with Brazil itself. That was the very, very deep image that I will never forget. It showed how important racing was for the Brazilian people. For sure, it motivated me to race go-karts and so on."

Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa meanwhile, who have yet to see the film, also paid homage to Ayrton.

"I don't have a lot of memories of him either because I was so young as well!" Barrichello said tongue-in-cheek. "Seriously though, he was the man. For me he was everything since he helped me a great deal going to the go-kart World Championships. We know the story.

"Unfortunately I couldn't be at the cinema yesterday to watch the preview but I will be the very first one to watch it when it comes out."

"I couldn't go yesterday either," Massa added, "but I am really looking forward to seeing it as soon as possible.

"As Rubens says, Senna was really amazing. He was an amazing driver. I remember so many races that he did.

"He was a great driver in the race, but what he was able to do in qualifying was something that I never saw before, that a driver could do most of the pole positions in a season, most of the time with a big difference between his pole and the other times.

"For me, that was really one of the strongest points as well. You could see that he had something different.

"He won many, many races, he was very strong, but what he did in qualifying was really, really amazing for me."

You can get a sneak peak of the new film simply by clicking on the following link. The trailer is partly in Portuguese, but it is still well worth a look...

Trailer for Senna film



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