It is the news that the likes of Ferrari, McLaren-Mercedes, Renault and Mercedes Grand Prix have doubtless been dreading. Red Bull Racing's dominance in F1 2010 has been primarily down to the outstanding raw pace and aerodynamic excellence of the Adrian Newey-penned RB6 with which Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have been sent out to do battle - and the Englishman has hinted that he will be staying put 'for a while to come'.

The pre-eminent F1 designer of the 1990s and into the new Millennium, Newey has been described by David Coulthard in the past as being the only man to have won more grands prix than the legendary Michael Schumacher in reference to his series of ultra-successful creations - and from 1992 to 2004, indeed, the title battle in the top flight was the exclusive preserve of Newey vs. Schuey.

With a staggering 14 pole positions and eight victories from the 18 grands prix of the current campaign to-date, the RB6 is palpably no exception to that success story. What's more, after a one-two for Vettel and Webber in last weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos that secured RBR the constructors' trophy in only its sixth season of competition at the highest level, the Milton Keynes-based squad's softly-spoken, highest-paid employee insisted that he is happy where he is for now, and that a mooted 'second career' in yacht racing can sit on the back-burner for just a little bit longer.

"I'll be at Red Bull for a while to come," the highly-regarded former Williams and McLaren engineer and aerodynamicist told reporters. "Red Bull are a great company and they're interested in many different areas. Maybe in the future we can do something different, but in the near future it's F1 still."

Meanwhile, the energy drinks-backed outfit's controversial motorsport advisor Dr. Helmut Marko has revealed that many of RBR's staff - Newey amongst them - have been courted by rival teams.

"Of the top 30 people who work for us, there is not one who has not already received an offer from a competing team," contended the Austrian, Dietrich Mateschitz's right-hand man on motor racing matters, "but Adrian has said several times that Red Bull will be his last job in F1."



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