Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has attempted to boost his squad's morale heading to the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, by insisting that the Scuderia still holds the upper hand in the championship battle.

While the numbers confirm as much, with Fernando Alonso eight points ahead of Mark Webber and 15 clear of Sebastian Vettel, everyone at Maranello knows that another 1-2 for Red Bull Racing along the lines of that in Brazil would be enough to deny the Spaniard a third crown.

Although Webber would be relying on positions being switched should the top three be running in the same order as they were at Interlagos, Ferrari is aware that it is in no position to complain about the tactic following this year's manipulation of the German Grand Prix result, but Domenicali is keen to reinforce its position of dominance in the points prior to Abu Dhabi.

"We must do the maximum we can," he told the team's official website, "It's clear that, at this point, we still haven't achieved the most difficult part of all, but we will do everything that we can until the very end."

Keeping to the mantra he has preached since forecasting a championship victory at Silverstone, Alonso produced another solid podium performance in Brazil, and his prediction that the title would not be decided before the trip to Yas Marina has come true.

With only the final round in Abu Dhabi remaining, the Spaniard's maths are now simpler than ever, as a second place on Sunday - regardless of who wins the race - will be enough land the title.

"What is clear is that, because we are leading, the others have to do more than us," Domenicali insisted, "If we end up in the middle of the two Red Bulls, it's clear that we will achieve the result we need. But, as always, the key is to concentrate on our own efforts throughout the weekend and not worry about what the others are doing."

Last year's Abu Dhabi debut was not a race to remember for the Scuderia, especially as Red Bull proved to be the dominant force. A 1-2 result - with Vettel ahead of Webber - provided the stepping stone to a senstational 2010 campaign, but Domenicali is keen to point out that Ferrari had already begun to look ahead, rather than bringing updates through to the end of a difficult campaign.

"This time, clearly, we have continued our development, so I'm convinced we'll be in there fighting," the Italian claimed, "But let's not forget that Red Bull has won a lot this year and taken many pole positions and has already won the constructors' championship.

"That proves they've worked better than anyone and they've made the quickest and most competitive car. But we are still there ready to fight at the last race for the drivers' championship."

Alonso's team-mate Felipe Massa will be treading new ground this weekend, having been forced to miss the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after his accident in Hungary, but would not have enjoyed the 2009 encounter as Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella struggled to twelfth and 16th respectively.



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