Adrian Newey has remarked that he hopes either Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber 'would be magnanimous enough to help the other' if needed in this weekend's F1 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix finale - with the inference being that should the German find himself unable to lift the laurels himself, Red Bull Racing would appreciate it if he would back his team-mate's bid for glory instead.

Whilst being the one ahead on points arriving at Yas Marina, Webber can arguably do little to support Vettel's push for the crown - save for removing Ferrari rival Fernando Alonso from the equation altogether or agreeing not to attack the German should the latter find himself in a championship-winning position - the same cannot be said in reverse.

There are some who contend that Red Bull's decision to stick to its guns and preserve its season-long ethos of equality by not switching the order between the pair in last weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix - enabling Vettel to motor on to victory, with Webber taking the runner-up spoils in S?o Paulo - was tantamount to drivers' title suicide by the Christian Horner-led outfit, in that it will allow Alonso to finish second in Abu Dhabi and claim the trophy now regardless of whatever else may happen in the race.

However, should a similar scenario reproduce itself in the UAE, then Newey's assertion - and that of Horner post-Interlagos - strongly suggests that RBR would expect Vettel to courteously yield, since the three-point difference between second place and third would not be enough for Webber to leapfrog Alonso...but the ten-point advantage for first would.

"Ultimately, if one of the drivers is out if it, then I hope he would be magnanimous enough to help the other," the energy drinks-backed operation's chief technical officer is quoted as having said by the Daily Mirror. "We've always said we would leave the drivers to it.

"It's a drivers' championship, and that's how it should be. We would honestly like to win both titles if we possibly could, and if we're in a position where we can win the drivers', that is what we must do."

Whilst Vettel has indeed intimated - without putting it into so many words - that he will do what is required of him if he does find himself in that situation, his and Webber's preview quotes ahead of Abu Dhabi perhaps unsurprisingly make not so much as the slightest reference to Red Bull's internecine dilemma.

"Obviously I have good memories from Abu Dhabi and I will be hoping to get another good result there this year, but let's see," acknowledged the 23-year-old Heppenheim native, alluding to his 2009 Yas Marina success. "There's still everything to play for in the drivers' championship. Abu Dhabi is a good track - it's fantastic to drive under the hotel bridge with the lights on the roof changing every time you go past - the people are very friendly and I'm looking forward to the race."

"The track has a good layout and the twilight aspect gives it a different atmosphere - it's a good event," concurred Webber. "I think we have a great chance to go there and get a good result. There is a chance of the team getting another championship, which is an exciting proposition. There are lots of possible outcomes. Fernando is in the best position of all of us, but we still have a chance, so let's see what happens."



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