Sebastian Vettel earned his place in history in Abu Dhabi, with his victory in the final round of the F1 season making him the youngest ever driver to win the championship crown.

The Red Bull driver went into the weekend down in third place in the standings but produced a dominant drive to take a victory that allowed him to jump ahead of both Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber in the standings.

It means the German has now beaten Lewis Hamilton's record and he admitted that it was a mark he wasn't sure would have been broken.

"After Lewis won the championship, I thought to myself, it will be questionable if there will ever be anyone younger than him," he said, "and to be fair, he only missed it by only one point the year before. You can argue but records are there to be broken in a way."

Vettel's title success came a week after Red Bull came under fire for not ordering the German to let Webber through in Brazil given the Australian was in a stronger position for the championship.

However, that move would have given Alonso the championship based on the Abu Dhabi result and the new champion said the final standings had vindicated the way in which Red Bull had approached the title race.

"I think we did the right thing," he said. "You know it's always easy after things have happened to say OK, you did right, you did wrong. Obviously Ferrari has been getting a lot of criticism after what happened in Germany. It's sometimes close but in the end you need every single point. Before Brazil it looked worse than the start of this race and now it looks fantastic.

"I think it's a typical example of you never know, and just maybe a little similar to what happened in 2007. In a way, that's the good thing, that some things are out of our hands, out of our control and just happen the way they are supposed to be. Some people call it destiny, some people are a little bit more looking for explanations but that's the way it goes."



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