The International Olympic Committee has expressed its doubts over whether the city of Sochi is capable of hosting both the Winter Olympics and the first Russian Grand Prix within months of each other.

Following several false starts over the years, Bernie Ecclestone recently signed a deal with Vladimir Putin to bring F1 to Russia for the first time in 2014, with Sochi being chosen as the site for the country's first international motorsport venue.

However, the Russian city is also currently preparing to host the Winter Games during February of 2014, a few months before it will then welcome Formula 1.

With this in mind, IOC representative Andrew Mitchell is quoted by the Sovetsky Sport newspaper as saying that he is concerned hosting two major international events during a short space of time will compromise the Games.

"We want to ensure that both events - the Olympic Winter Games and the Formula 1 race - will be staged on the best conditions for all the parties involved. However, we believe that it is impossible to organise two events of such size in one year."

The IOC has reportedly requested details plans for the Russian Grand Prix to understand whether its preparation will interfere with the Olympics.



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