Porsche has played down talk that it could be considering an entry to F1.

News first appeared back in October suggested that the German marque could make a return to the sport as an engine supplier when new rules come into play in 2013, with Porsche being seen as the logical choice for the VAG group if it were to move into the F1 arena [See separate story HERE.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said he would do anything he could to make Porsche's return happen but Porsche's new boss Matthias Mueller - the man who sparked the initial talk - has now said a return isn't likely.

He did however concede that Porsche would be the logical choice if the VW Group did elect to move into F1 in future.

"Formula one is a drivers' world championship, with the focus on the sponsors and the manufacturers only secondary," he told the Westfalen Blatt newspaper. "For us, this is a clear drawback. The second drawback for such a long-term investment is the unclear rules for the future.

"[However] if the VW Group was interested, then Porsche would surely be the brand that would work best for this."



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