Mark Webber has defended his decision not to tell Red Bull about the shoulder injury he sustained prior to the Japanese Grand Prix and insisted that there was 'no need' to inform the team about the problem.

Webber revealed the injury, which occurred when he was leading the championship standings, in a book detailing his 2010 campaign with team boss Christian Horner saying he was disappointed that the Australian hadn't informed him of the mountain bike fall that had led to the problem occurring [See separate story HERE].

However, in a Q&A published on his personal website, Webber revealed his reasoning for not telling the team by insisting that he didn't feel the small fracture in his right shoulder was going to affect his performance.

The Australian's personal trainer Roger Cleary and FIA doctor Gary Hartstein were the only people to be told about the injury.

"I was very confident it wouldn't affect my performance in the car, which is why I didn't tell anyone," he said. "There was no need. The shoulder wasn't causing me a problem, so there was no need to talk about it to anyone. If I'd had any issues with it in the car, then of course I would have told the team. But that wasn't the case. I've never missed a Grand Prix but of course if I couldn't drive the car a) safely and b) on the limit, I would have notified the team.

"Many people will be aware that shoulder injuries can be complex but I was lucky this mishap didn't affect my main line of work. In that sense, that was the most important thing to me."

Webber also defended the decision to make the injury public knowledge, insisting that it had only become such an issue because of a 'fairly quiet week news-wise' and joking that 'a little bit of information can be a dangerous thing!'

"It's what the book is all about," he said. "I wanted to give the readers in Australia a closer insight to a sport that's pretty hard for them to follow. I didn't sit down after the season had finished with hindsight goggles on and pick and choose what went into it. We did it at the time after each race. It (the injury) is something that happened to me, it was part of my journey this season, so that's why it's in there."



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