Adrian Newey insists that the 2010 F1 title success with Red Bull Racing was the most satisfying of his long and successful career.

Newey, who previously secured championship titles with both Williams and McLaren, has played a key role in turning Red Bull into a front-running team with the RB6 having been the car to beat throughout 2010 - taking 15 pole positions and nine victories during the season.

With the 2010 success marking the seventh time that a Newey designed car has ended the year with silverware, the man himself insisted he was pleased with how the year had panned out.

"I was very privileged to work with Williams and then McLaren, two great teams but they had already had the infrastructure and won championships prior to my arrival so my job was very much a design job," he told ESPN F1.

"Here, I've been with the team more or less from the start in developing the team with everybody, developing the infrastructure, getting the communications working through the team and so it's been a different challenge and a challenge which has in some ways been even more satisfying."

Newey added that he saw it as a compliment that Red Bull's rivals had questioned the design of the RB6 in such vocal fashion, with the remainder of the field forced to play catch up with some of the parts fitted to the car.

"It's a compliment but a slightly tiring compliment at the time because it's just extra hassle on some of them," he said. "Of course the job of the FIA is to arbitrate so when mud starts being thrown, they have to get involved and so we have to demonstrate the car is fully legal so it's a small distraction but a compliment overall."



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