Mark Webber insists that he hasn't blown his only chance to secure the F1 title after missing out to team-mate Sebastian Vettel in 2010.

Webber led the title race going into the final races of the campaign but had to settle for third place behind his German team-mate and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

Some had said 2010 marked Webber's best chance to win the title given the dominance shown by Red Bull and the fact that he is one of the older drivers on the grid, but the Australian said he was confident of challenging again next year.

He did however concede that there was disappointment at the fact he was unable to make his advantage count to secure the crown for the first time.

"I was clearly in a position to do something very, very unique and the fairytale was not there," he told The Sun. "But there are a lot of positives for me to go into a fresh season fully charged and have a crack. I have a great team of people around me and that is what we will aim to do.

"A lot of things happened this year which were new for the team. Sebastian is now world champion and I need to get in position where I can try to race and beat him as often as I can again. And that comes with Jenson, Lewis, Fernando - all the normal suspects. The reset button has been hit."

Webber added that, despite rumours to the contrary, he never considered leaving Red Bull after the team appeared to favour Vettel at stages during the year.

"I never thought about actually going somewhere else," he said. "I knew I had to sort things out within my own operation there.

"As I've said quite a few times, the team and myself all learned a lot this year about how to go racing consistently at the front and at that level. Ferrari and McLaren have had their tears with two competitive drivers, and I am not talking about Lewis and Fernando a few years ago.

"Ferrari have been around for 50 years, Red Bull for five minutes. I knew as a team we could go through growing pains this year and go forward from it."



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