F1 newcomers Virgin and Hispania have elected not to use KERS when it returns to the sport for the 2011 season.

The Kinetic Energy Recovery system was previously used in 2009 before being dropped this year on cost grounds, but will make a return next season as part of new regulations aimed at improving overtaking.

Allied to a moveable rear wing, it is hoped that the reintroduction of KERS will make it easier for drivers to fight for position but neither Virgin or Hispania are set to use the system.

"At the moment, Williams are the only one of our customers who are going to be using KERS in 2011," Cosworth F1 operations general manager Mark Gallagher revealed in an interview with F1 Fanatic. "Virgin and HRT are not.

"Both those teams have expressed an interest in KERS for 2012."

In the case of Hispania in particular, the lack of KERS will come as no surprise given the battle being faced by the team in preparing for the new season.



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