Reigning Star Mazda champion Conor Daly was 'highly impressed' after spending two days in Austin, Texas recently, where he met with Tavo Helmund, the promoter of the new US F1 GP.

"Tavo invited me to Austin to meet his team and I can only describe it as high speed and hectic," Daly said. "I met with Tavo, one of his investors, Bobby Epstein and Bruce Knox, President and CEO, who represents investor, Red McCombs.

"Tavo has a strong team of businessmen around him and he is absolutely flat out and focused on creating the new F1 venue. I was highly impressed. Although the construction has not started yet, after meeting with the group, I would not doubt their ability to do what they say."

Daly also met with John Maher of The American Statesman newspaper, and was surprised to learn that the locals have developed a great appetite for motorsport since the announcement.

"Because this business is so relationship driven, I am trying to meet as many people as possible as we work on developing my career moves in the coming years," Daly added. "If I become the very best driver I can possibly be, and America has great IndyCar and F1 facilities, then maybe we can all help each other eventually."



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