Team Lotus chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne has insisted that if the squad loses the right to use the Lotus name it won't affect morale.

Indeed Gascoyne added that should Proton and Group Lotus win in the courts then it will only make them all that more determined to do well and get 'revenge'.

"I don't think it will [hit morale if we can't be Team Lotus]. I think there'll be a sense of hurt. I think people don't understand having put so much effort and done such a good job, why it would be taken away," Gascoyne said in an interview with

"But I know all these guys here. A lot of these guys here moved up to Norfolk, moved their families up here, did so because they wanted to be part of the Lotus project. If the name was taken away, I think maybe [there would be] a sense of hurt, and then maybe a sense of anger and a desire to get some revenge.

"I think one thing you could be sure of that our head wouldn't go down, it will lift up and we'll be sure that we'll be beating everyone out on the track as soon as possible. These are all professional guys who've got great experience in motor racing and I think it would act as a spur to achieve quicker rather than the opposite."

Gascoyne meanwhile admitted he was disappointed with how the row has broke out between them, Tony Fernandes' Team Lotus, and Proton/Group Lotus, who confirmed plans to enter the sport recently having acquired a major stake in the former Renault F1 team. It means that at the moment there are now two outfits carrying the Lotus name entered for the F1 2011 season.

"I think it is a great shame," Gascoyne continued. "I think on one level Tony has stressed to everyone that the team is about people in the team and whatever we're called isn't going to change what we are as a team.

"Having said that [though] I think we're all intensely proud of what we've achieved this year as Lotus Racing, bringing the name of Lotus back into F1. That could never be taken away from us, I was born and bred in Norfolk, to me it was a great sense of pride to bring back the Lotus name into F1 and I think we brought tremendous value to the brand, and I think we want to continue to do that.

"It is a great brand it has great heritage and for me Lotus is about engineering. It's about building engineering and racing, racing cars. That's what Team Lotus did, it did it in Norfolk and that's what we've done here in Norfolk and we'll continue to build and race.

"Was Colin Chapman and Lotus about branding a French car as Lotus? I'm not so sure it was. I think Colin Chapman was one of the great innovators in F1 when he brought sponsorship into F1, I think he thought that he'd be receiving it not giving it out.

"But that's for Tony and the shareholders to work on. We feel that we've got the best shareholders in F1. We're very proud to work for them. We're going to repay them by working hard and designing them a quicker car. They can call it anything they like and we'd still be doing that job for them. There is a sense of pride for bringing Lotus back into F1."



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