Timo Glock has said Virgin will need to really up the ante in 2011 if they are to progress and make inroads on the established teams.

Glock was reasonably pleased with how the squad improved last season, and while he only finished in ten of the 19 races - his best result a 14th in Japan, the German is optimistic they will be more competitive than they were for F1 2010.

"It was quite a tough year for everyone, setting up a new team and getting everything ready for the first season was not easy. We had a lot of troubles in the first few races and not a lot of finishes," he said in a video chat on his personal website.

"But I think at the end of the year we had quite a good lot of developments on the car, which gave us a good direction.

"There were a lot of mistakes - but if we sort this out next year we should be in better shape. Let's see."

So what races was he particularly pleased with?

"We had a couple of good highlights this season. It is difficult though for the fans to see, because we ran at the back and the cameras don't really see us," he continued.

"But I think for me the main highlights were Singapore and the race in Monza where I could finish in front of the Lotus [of Heikki Kovalainen] after a hard fight.

"In general I think we have to improve in every direction now. I hope we have a better year in 2011."



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