Dmitry Chernyshenko, the chief of the organising committee for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, has admitted that the first Russian GP would take a back seat if resources become stretched in planning for the two events.

The first Russian GP is due to take place in 2014 in the same year that the Winter Olympics will be hosted in Sochi, which has led to talk that the first F1 race could be put back to 2015 as a result.

Despite mayor Anatoly Pakhomov insisting that the basic requirements of the circuit would be created in plenty of time for the event, Chernyshenko has now admitted that the priority for the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin is the Olympics and that the F1 race could indeed be put back by twelve months.

"I have reassurances from our state leaders that if there should be some minor concerns (about) clashes with these two projects, then - in accordance to the contract between the host organisation and formula one owners - the first (F1) competition could hold on until 2015," he was quoted by "The Olympics will come first."



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