The inaugural Russian Grand Prix in Sochi could be postponed until 2015, if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides the race might put construction and preparations for the Winter Olympics in 2014 'at risk'.

The Black Sea resort is due to host both events in 2014. However, Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli has revealed that the IOC has clause in its own contract, which could force organisers to postpone the F1 race.

"It's something we are really looking carefully at," he told the Associated Press. "It is good to have an F1 race in Russia and Sochi in particular, but we won't want to have the facility built for the GP to put the construction or preparation of the games at risk.

"If the IOC decides it is not feasible, we could stop it and postpone it until 2015. The IOC will make that decision."

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone agreed a six-year deal to bring the grand prix circus to Sochi in October last year.



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