Porsche has distanced itself further from a move into F1 after CEO Mattias Mueller insisted there were 'more attractive options elsewhere' for the marque.

The announcement of new engine rules for F1 from 2013 onwards had led to VW representative Hans-Joachim Stuck stating that the 'conditions for a possible entrance' of a member of the Volkswagen Audi Group had been created, with Porsche being hotly tipped as the most likely option.

However, Mueller has now revealed that an expanded sportscar programme was more likely for Porsche as opposed to F1 and said an LMP1 effort could be a possibility.

Porsche enjoyed success with its LMP2 RS Spyder before the programme was brought to an end.

"There are undoubtedly some attractive aspects (of F1)," he told Automobil Revue. "But there are other sides to it as well. Formula one is very expensive, while success is far less predictable (than in other series.

"[If Porsche went with an LMP1 programme] we would not necessarily have to line up against Audi, but we would do it if we need to and it would mean there are two of the (VW) group's brands fighting in the races.

"The likelihood that the group wins would therefore obviously be increased."



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