Willi Weber has revealed that he would love to get the chance to manage Sebastian Vettel.

Weber, who made millions managing Michael Schumacher and who now looks after ex-Williams man Nico Hulkenberg, told Auto Motor und Sport that Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Vettel are the current cream of the crop and pressed on which one he would like to help, he selected F1's newest and youngest world champion.

"Naturally it would be Vettel," Weber replied. "Now he needs a manager more than ever, because he needs to sell his success. It is all about money and what he can earn outside of the cockpit."

Former McLaren and Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger, who like Vettel also never had a manager, concurs that the 23-year-old would be better off with someone like Weber looking after him.

Indeed he added that with hindsight, he would go back and accept Willi's offer of help.

"I can remember exactly Willi calling me in 1982 and asking whether I would be interested in him managing me. I said to Willi: 'I do not need a manager'," Berger recalled in an interview with the same German newspaper.

"The problem with managers is there are so few that really understand the business. 80 per cent are just braggers, 10 per cent are straight and try, but only 10 per cent are really good.

"It is an art to find [one in] that last 10 per cent. Willi is in that group. But I didn't know that at the time."



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