Tony Fernandes has hit out at Proton and Group Lotus in the on-going row over the use of the Lotus name.

With the case due to appear before London's High Court on Monday (January 24) after Group Lotus sought a summary judgement in a bid to prevent the matter from running on into the summer, Fernandes has let rip on Twitter, adding that the Lotus Renault will always be a Renault 'end of story'. He also reckons that the current situation with him running Team Lotus, is a bit like what happened when Ron Dennis took over at McLaren in the early 1980s, although admittedly there wasn't a 16-year hiatus then.

"Let's get a few things straight," Fernandes wrote in one of a number of Tweets yesterday.

"You set up a separate company from car company to protect car company from racing's ups and downs. [Racing] Company [Team Lotus] goes into liquidation. Bought by David Hunt. 16-years no racing. Team bought from David Hunt by Nasa, Din and Tony. We are no different from Ron Dennis at McLaren. End of story.

"Ron Dennis didn't start McLaren. Bruce McLaren did. Proton and Dany Bahr [Group Lotus CEO] didn't start Group Lotus. Colin Chapman did.

"What's the difference? Proton own Group Lotus and Din, me and Nasa own Team Lotus.

"And Lotus Renault is a Renault end of story. McLaren is McLaren, not Vodafone [the name of the sponsor] and Mercedes is Mercedes, not Petronas Mercedes or a Petronas car.

"And can someone tell me who owns Renault and Genii? So many different names.

"Not much said about David Hunt [either]. All I can say he is the most honourable man in all of this. Moody at times but his love for the Lotus brand is immense.

"More to come on my feelings - and the truth on this Lotus saga, the good always win. [Yes] we won't be faster than Renault [in 2011].

"But we are only one year old. Takes time to build a tree. We are building the right tree."



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