Pat Symonds has reflected that whilst he has enjoyed his enforced leave from F1 and the opportunity to 'follow his other interests' away from the sport, he does still hanker after an eventual return to the grand prix scene to attend to what he describes as 'unfinished business'.

Symonds has not worked in F1 since being found guilty of collusion in the infamous 'Singapore-gate' race-fixing scandal that exploded in 2009, and he cannot return in any kind of official capacity until at least 2013. Whilst his reputation for integrity has been somewhat tarnished by that unsavoury episode, the former Renault F1 executive director of engineering is nonetheless still held in very high esteem by many in the paddock - and he has even been speculatively linked with a role at Williams in the future.

Although he dismisses that link out-of-hand, the 57-year-old Englishman has confessed that given time, he is likely to make a re-appearance - but he cautions that it will not be the kind of working, living and breathing approach that characterised his original three-decade stint in the top flight.

"I have to say I was never in discussion with Williams, so I don't know where all those stories came from," Symonds told "I have mixed feelings. I've still got a lot of unfinished business in F1 and I can still contribute to F1, but at the same time I'm actually enjoying being at home and finding time to follow my other interests.

"Even from an engineering point-of-view, my consultancy is doing work outside of F1 that's very interesting. Under the right circumstances, yes I want to come back to F1 and I will probably do so at some stage, but I don't think I'll go back to this eight-days-a-week stuff!"



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