F1 commentary legend Murray Walker is to make a return to commentating duties - in a 90-venue tour for the children's TV show Roary the Racing Car.

Walker, known for years as the voice of F1, will play himself in an animated section of the stage show as he commentates on a race for the Silver Hatch circuit. Walker appears alongside Sir Stirling Moss - who will narrate the show - wile the comedian Peter Kay will voice the part of mechanic Big Chris.

"This is the first time that I will appear on stage, albeit in animation form," he said. "I now feel that I have achieved fame at last."

Show produced Gregg Lynn told the Press Association that Walker was the ideal person to fill the role.

"Walker's excitable commentary style was deemed perfect for the fast-paced adventures set at Silver Hatch race track," he said. "In true Murray format, the stage show is peppered with Murrayisms, and at 87 years, he's definitely still got it."



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