Zak Brown, the co-owner of the United Autosports sportscar team and a leading figure in motorsport sponsorship, has been named a potential successor to Bernie Ecclestone when he decides to stand down as head of F1.

According to a report in the Guardian, Brown - whose company looks after LG, Johnnie Walker and Lenovo in the F1 paddock - could be the man to replace Ecclestone when he finally stands down from his position as the head of F1.

Brown and Ecclestone are already close, with Ecclestone having attended the launch of the United Autosports team last year and Brown revealing that he has done 'a lot of business' with the 80 year old in recent years.

While he admits he would have a lot to learn if he were ever to replace Ecclestone, Brown insists he would jump at the chance to head F1 with motorsport being 'his life'.

"I think it will be impossible to replace Bernie," he said. "You'd certainly have to approach it with a bit of a team. You'd need a chief executive, but Bernie's got such a unique skill set that I look around the world and I don't know if you could pop in and be Bernie overnight. I think that is a concern for the sport because he is 80 so he's not going to go on forever. He's still got a bit of a run in him. I don't think he's going to retire, he's going to go until the lights go off, so he could have another 10 years in him.

"Certainly this is my life. I feel that I'm well-rounded, having driven, owned a team, done sponsorship, done business with all these people that have run the sport. I would certainly like to be in Formula One, in some capacity, forever. There's a lot I don't know. I've not done television contracts but those things can be learned, or there are other people that have the expertise. I ask for a lot of advice. I have an advisory board of seven individuals with the former president of AT&T and the former CMO of DuPont, so I think one of my strengths has been recognising what I don't know and trying to surround myself with people that do know.

"If I were ever to get the call to participate in the future of Formula One in some way shape or form, I'd jump all over that."



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