Robert Kubica says Renault will fight hard to make progress towards the front of the F1 field as the team looks to build on a solid results gained by the team in 2010.

Kubica was one of the stars of last season with the team as he secured three podium finishes and ended the year eighth in the championship standings, less than ten points behind sixth-placed Felipe Massa.

The Pole goes into the new season with Renault's R31 aiming to try and better than performance and he said he was hopeful that the new car would allow him to fight against the likes of McLaren and Red Bull.

"My aim, as always, is to deliver a good and consistent performance across the year," he said. "That is the goal for any driver. At the moment it's difficult to know just how competitive our package will be, but the engineers have decided to go for an innovative design, which is good. Also, we had a strong season last year and we hope to move forward again this year and be closer to the front. That means we will have to race against teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull, and we know this will not be easy, but we will be working hard to make sure we can be part of that fight.

"Obviously when you join a team everything is new and you have to get to know the people and how they operate. So it's good that we don't have to worry about that this year because I know what to expect. That will make it easier to concentrate on extracting the maximum from the car and trying to improve performance."

Having admitted that the sport will be different this season due to the new regulations, Kubica said he was interested to see how the new adjustable rear wing would work during the year ahead.

"I think it's clear it will create the opportunity for more overtaking, which is good for Formula 1 and the show, but we need to be careful that it does not give too much advantage to the car behind," he said. "If we see overtaking on every lap of the race because the wing is giving too much advantage, then I don't think this will be exciting.

"The other thing we have to think about is the gear ratios because it will be a big challenge to find the ideal settings, especially for sixth and seventh gears. Even if you find a good setting for qualifying when you can use the wing as much as you want, you also need to find a good compromise for the race, when its use is restricted."



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