In amongst the various launches in Valencia, Williams has revealed its interim FW33 at the opening pre-season test of the 2011 F1 campaign.

With the team set to hold an official launch at a later date, the car hit the track in the hands of Rubens Barrichello this morning in an interim livery, which the team insists will feature a raft of aerodynamic changes before the season opener in Bahrain.

As the car took to the track for the first time, technical director Sam Michael insisted he was confident that the FW33 will be a success during the year ahead although he admitted it was hard to tell how each car will perform until testing has been completed.

"Until you start testing, you're never sure how you're going to stack up against the opposition, but we're optimistic," he said. "We think this is a good car, but we'll have a better overall picture in a few weeks time."

Michael added that the design of the new car had gone to plan, with the team working hard to ensure the FW33 was ready for its track debut in Spain.

"The design of this year's car has been pretty smooth," he said. "We've improved our way of working by increasing the communication between the mechanical and aerodynamic departments, and that improved our decision making processes. It allowed us to increase the optimisation time spent on each part of the car."



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