Rubens Barrichello admits that the addition of more buttons to the steering wheel of an F1 car for the 2011 season is a 'concern', although the Brazilian doesn't feel it will create more danger during the year ahead.

Both the KERS system and the adjustable rear wing will be operated by buttons on the steering wheel of each car which has led to questions about safety as drivers are faced with more and more controls on their cars.

However, Williams ace Barrichello said he didn't think the addition of more controls would be a danger to drivers, even though he concedes that there is concern if they are forced to take there eyes off the road at any point during a race.

"I don't think it's a danger, but I think it's a concern," he said. "In terms of execution, the additional controls are obviously necessary, but people have different steering wheels, so drivers may therefore be able to reach some buttons easier than others. The problem is you are taking your eye off the road. There is not a single straight where I don't press a button and change gear.

"In my role in the Grand Prix Drivers' Association we will keep talking about this, but I think the FIA will let us practice a little more. I think the strong comments will come now but will lessen as people get used to things."



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