Paul di Resta insisted that times weren't important despite ending the second day of F1 testing in Valencia third quickest behind Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

The Scot completed well over 100 laps at the wheel of Force India's 2010 VJM03 as the team worked on gathering information on the different compound of Pirelli tyre available to teams this week in Spain.

The reigning DTM champion admitted that the team was getting to grips with the new tyre after two days on track and said he was feeling comfortable in his new role ahead of the debut of the VJM04 next week.

"Another good day of testing for the team, gathering lots of information for the guys to work on as we prepare for the debut of the VJM04 next week," he said. "We're now understanding a lot more about the performance of the Pirellis and the differences between the compounds, particularly with regards to long and shorter runs and different fuel loads.

"At this stage we're not going for times, just trying to get representative data to work on. I'm feeling good and well integrated into the team and my new role, there's a really positive atmosphere, which will set us up extremely well for next week when the new car testing programme starts."

Circuit engineering director Dominic Harlow admitted that the changing conditions on track compared to Tuesday had allowed the team to collect plenty of vital data on the Pirelli tyres, while a number of system development checks were also completed before Adrian Sutil takes over at the wheel tomorrow.

"Today's programme was intended to compare the various tyre compounds' performance with yesterday's as the track improved," he said. "During the course of the session the circuit should have reached something approaching race conditions in terms of the laps run on it, so it's interesting data.

"It was a productive day and we also worked on some systems development for the VJM04. Adrian will be in the car tomorrow for the final day here."

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